Never be afraid to think outside the cauldron.

WBHaHa-Episode 39-F

The Letter F! Familiars (or Friendlies), Fennel, Fudge and Feathers!

WBHaHa-Episode 38

I'm an idiot and say this is 37, but it's 38!  All about the letter E!

WBHaHa-Episode 37

What I did with my summer vacation!


Important Announcement!

WBHaBa-Episode 36!

Divination, Damiana, Divinity, Kitchen Witch's Guide to Divination, Whisks!

WBHaHa-Episode 35

Herbal Witchery Megasode!

WBHaHa-Episode 34

The Letter C-Cleansing, Cinnamon Rolls, Catnip, Cunningham, Coins


The Letter B-Balance, Basil, Bread, Batty, Beadsand....Obsidian!

WBHaHa-Episode 32

The Letter A-Astral Projection, Asparagus and Cheese Sauce, Aconite and Alphabet Soup!

Wbhh-Episode 30

A quick update on what I've been planning for the show and for the upcoming year!

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