Never be afraid to think outside the cauldron.

In this episode, I walk you through one of my normal processes for selecting magickal ingredients to use in a stone bag, herb vial, and a very specific sand jar that I am using in my new car!  Enjoy!

Just a bit of babbling about various updates in my life and a bit of a chat about some of my thoughts on goal setting for both spiritual connections and spellcasting,  Enjoy!

I think Fire Lyte owes some people some money...I did put out a new episode!  (To be fair, he didn't tell me specifically that he bet against me...but we all know he did, am I right?)

WBHHfm Part 2!

Part two of the WitchesBrewHaHa Halloween Special.  Only available for download until November 3, so get it now!  Enjoy!

Part 1 of the WBHH fm Halloween Special by Velma Nightshade.  Only available for download until November 3, so get it now!  Enjoy and Happy Halloween!

All about the new Etsy shop,, and a discussion of carrier oils!

WBHaHaEpisode 43

Ostrich Toes and Correspondences

WBHaHa-Episode 42

WBHaHa-Episode 41-H

The Letter H - Holidays, Hoppin' John, Heather, Quartz, and more!

The Letter G-Gratitude, Guacamole, Ginger, Goddess to the Core, Greeting Cards and Amethyst!

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